Kids Boxing Ball,Boxing Speed Ball,Boxing Sandbag Child Freestanding Speed Ball with Bounce-Back Base Gloves Protective Gear

$62.98 $197.43
  • Fine Workmanship: The boxing speed ball is sewed by manual, fine workmanship to ensure high quality.The inflation inlet has good airtightness, no air leakage problem.
  • Simple and Convenient: Hook and loop fasteners on the gloves, simple and convenient. Gloves' drape design to make sure that it will not split because of tension.It can improve their health and make their physical fitness develop at different levels and can also make them be determined and have a positive effect on kids' willpower.
  • Rebound 360°: Boxing Set With high strength spring, it can bounce back and forth for many times with highly security performance and it can rebound 360°.The boxing ball is a solid ball, refuses to inflate, and the ball is more durable.
  • Adjustable Heigh: Kids Boxing Set With the adjustable height, our vertical boxing ball is suitable for children and also teenagers to build up both physical strength and willpower.
  • High Quality Material: The base is made of high-grade material, which is durable, stable and you can add water or sand to it for use. 6 suction cups in the base make the boxing ball more reliable when hit.