SUYJQ Multi-Function Rally, Gripper 5 Springs Muscle Training Multi Function Chest Expander Arm

$82.52 $328.76
  • Material: engineering plastic carbon wire spring, 5 stainless steel carbon springs, detachable heel, 174N per tension, tread surface texture, steel pipe and engineering plastic, comfortable to the touch.
  • Features: The grip between the handle and the spring is firm and reliable. The surface of the pedal is non-slip, building plastic, environmentally friendly, drawbar, tubular steel architectural plastic, non-slip design, comfortable handle.
  • Dimensions: 70 * 30 cm (dimensions may be incorrect due to manual measurements, etc.)
  • Function/Function: It helps the chest, back muscles, deltoids and oblique muscles strengthen the muscles of the chest, back, waist and limbs and shape the body.
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